A super easy way to get the message through to your pet

kitten on grass close up

kitten on grass close up

As an animal intuitive, I work with people who are concerned about their pet’s health or who are anxious to find out why their acting the way they are acting. I love working with animals and their humans intuitively, because it allows me to do a type of problem solving that produces an almost immediate solution (although sometimes the solution isn’t what the person is looking for!).

“Your dog is upset because he doesn’t like your new boyfriend,” or “Your cat does not like the noise in the apartment upstairs” are very gratifying things to be able to tell someone because the humans involved have the opportunity to make changes in their environment and often experience an instantaneous shift with their pet.

But there’s another question people always ask that is even more enjoyable to answer – and it’s probably the same thing you’re wondering they want to know how to communicate better with their pet and when I hear this, I get excited!

Animals communicate intuitively with each other every day. When you see two dogs forty yards apart in a field, crouched down, watching one another – yes they’re using their eyes for communication, but they’re also using their intuitive abilities. They have conversations with each other like, “I’m going to jump on you!” and “No, you’re not! I’m going to get you first and then run around that tree!”

People can tap into animal’s innate language using images.

Animals are very visual beings. Their intuitive sight is so strong that, not only can they send images to one another, but they can also see the pictures we hold in our head as we speak!

This should open up a whole new avenue of communication with your pet! For example, when you’re going to be late, just imagine “sending” an image of a clock to your dog that depicts when you’ll be home. Or when you want your cat to meet your new boyfriend, imagine an image of your boyfriend sitting on the floor playing happily with her and pretend you to send this image to her. Easy right?

Give this a try with your pet today. Send your horse an image of his new saddle or tell your turtle you love her by sending her a picture of a big heart. Yes, it’s that simple! The animal will get it.

And no need to worry! Animals are always tapping in to their humans, so you can’t mis-send an image. Your pet will know, innately, exactly how to pick it up!

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