Animal Changes for 2016

It’s 2016 and, as you probably know, I may be psychic, but I don’t make predictions and I don’t like “predictions.” It’s just not my thing. I prefer the idea that my behavior, my thoughts, my actions, and my energy have the greatest influence over my future.
HOWEVER, I do feel some things about this coming year very strongly. These aren’t predictions – more… I would call them directions that I see the world moving toward. I thought I would share these thoughts with you – and I’d love to know if you’re feeling the same!
Here’s what I see coming up for us and for animals throughout the next year:

  • More ICK is exposed & released. We’re going to experience quite a bit of world-level turmoil this year as old, yucky, formerly hidden energies surface to be dealt with, understood and released. It will be challenging, but it will help us all in the long run.
  • The definition of “Humanity” changes. The focus on humanity, and what humanity really means is going to increase throughout this year. More people than ever, who were formerly living a survival level existence, will begin to wake up to the idea that there is so much more in the world through action rather than reaction.
  • Growing unconditional love of animals. More hearts will be opening through people’s experience with the unconditional love of animals. Yes, this means we’ll be witnessing turmoil in the animal kingdom (caused by humans), but that turmoil has been there for thousands of years – and it’s finally going to become visible and intolerable to millions more people around the globe creating bigger, better, more all encompassing, and more effective action than ever before.

I realize these are some lofty ideas I’m talking about here. I realize that I probably sound a little bit crazy as well (but, OK, I’m used to that, after all, I have a School of Animal Communication!), but this is what I’m hearing again and again through my work with animals.
I wish, though, that we didn’t have to witness turmoil or experience any suffering to create change. I wish that we could all just wake up one day and go, “oh! This new way of doing things is so much better!” Unfortunately, for the majority of humans, it takes challenge and emotion to move the masses – and that’s what we’re going to have.

For my part in this, I want to hook the world in to the unconditional love of animals – through my classes, through my school, through animal communication, through Facebook, and through many other ways too.

When you’re connected in to the unconditional love of animals, you realize you’re invincible, you’re safe, you’re protected, and you’re just plain awesome.

Interestingly enough, that connection also allows you to see and experience these things in others too! And this is what we’re really going to want a lot of for 2016!

Love & Light,