Muscle Man Dog versus I Love You Dog

Yesterday was the coolest day. I’ve been doing this animal communication stuff for YEARS and it still blows me away all the time and the animals are STILL teaching me every day (even when I think I’m the one doing the teaching!)

Yesterday, I held one of my Animal Communication Labs. This is a video class with my students and non-students in which, with the help of my students, I intuitively three different randomly chosen animals and their humans.

And it was just so cool!

I never know who will be chosen to receive a reading or which student will be helping me until we start. Who will it be? Who will be reading with me? How will it all go?

But as soon as we started call, I began feeling really excited and I knew something cool was up!

I chose one of my Animal Communication Certification candidates to read with me the first time. I know my students get freaked out at the thought of reading in front of thirty, forty, fifty people so it felt like I should go with someone who had been communicating for a little bit.

Oh and she nailed it! Charlotte received the same information about Zeus that I received – but it was all through her own Charlotte filter (versus my Danielle filter.)

“Zeus is telling me he’s strong and ready and he can handle anything! He loves you very much and wants to be with you throughout your transition.” Zeus’s human received Charlotte’s loving message.

When I heard her message, I actually guffawed. Outloud. On the livestream video.

“I see him standing in front of me making muscles, like he’s a muscle man on a beach. He’s posing this way and that and he’s showing me his strength!” So, I got the same message, but very much through my Danielle filter (which, seems to be a pretty goofy filter!).

Uh oh! It seemed like one of us was WRONG.

But that was not the case at all! It’s always amazed me how the same information can be received intuitively so differently! Charlotte and I both had the same message – that Zeus’ human shouldn’t be worried about whether or not he could handle the changes in her life, because he CAN – but that information came through in ways that suited our own personalities and styles.

This is why I never worry when I receive intuitive information that is different from what someone else gets – we’re all SO on our own journey, we all SO perceive the world through our own filers, and we all SO have our own lessons to learn.

Thank you Charlotte, Zeus, Zeus’ human and to everyone else who attended for reminding me how wonderful and unique we all are – and how this is exactly how we’re supposed to be. In the end, we’re really all working toward the same thing – unconditional love of ourselves and of everyone and everything around us!

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  1. Charlotte
    Charlotte says:

    I “love” this! Thank you for the opportunity to read with you Danielle – I “love” your goofy ways! Thank you to Zeus and Zeus’ human who are such a wonderful pair and share an incredible journey together. And, thank you again to you, Danielle for providing the opportunity to participate.

    • Bonnie
      Bonnie says:

      A huge thank you to Charlotte and Danielle! Zeus and I are definitely on an adventure. He is such a strong companion and healer. Learning lots along the way.

  2. nicola
    nicola says:

    Yes, my sister(twin) and I have this lots when doing a.c:-) we will receive the communication in our own unique ways but always a similar answer:) always fascinating! great post, thank you!


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