Animals and the Other Side

My class Animals and the Other Side takes place this October 27th at 2pm Eastern and I’m really excited about it.

It may seem weird that I’m all happy to teach about animals that have crossed over, but because of WHAT I have to share, I AM happy.

Talking about animals that have crossed over or are about to cross over does not have to be sad – that is, if you listen to what the animals have to say about it! And I’ve spent more than 16 years listening!

In this class, I’ll be sharing what the animals have told me again and again about their deaths, what it’s like “over there,” what they do with themselves nowaways, whether or not they are afraid to die or if they miss their human and animal friends that haven’t yet crossed over.

I LOVE teaching this stuff because I’ve seen it help so many people who are in such deep grief! It doesn’t take away the grief, as nothing can really do that, but it does ease the pain a little bit when you hear how animals look at their passing.

Join me for this livestream webinar class!


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