Animals and the Other Side 2

My newest live webinar class Animals & the Other Side 2 is happening January 19th at 2pm Eastern and I couldn’t be more excited about it!

Last October I taught the first installment of this class, lecture style. But there were so many questions and so many things that I didn’t get to, I knew I had to do another class!

So, for Animals & the Other Side 2, I’m doing it differently. I want to get to more of your questions – so when you sign up, you’ll have the opportunity to submit any and all questions to my office. I’ll pour through, find the questions that everyone can benefit from and answer them live. I’ll also take some live questions and do some readings too.

But what is this class that I’m talking about anyway?

It’s basically my opportunity to share with you what the animals have taught me in my sixteen years as an animal communicator about the Other Side.

I’ll share information that answers your questions – which I am assuming will be questions such as, “What’s it like over there?” and “Why did my dog die when she did?”

Please join me for this very special live class – and yes, of course I’ll record it all so you can watch later too!

Learn more here.


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  1. Steve Elsby
    Steve Elsby says:

    My beloved Amber a white German Shepherd was put to sleep on Saturday October the 8th 2016 after being diagnosed with Liver Cancer and internal bleeding, the vet said she was in pain and couldn’t be helped except to operate which would only give her 2 weeks more life before the Cancer took hold again. Amber was playing in the back garden on Wednesday of that week and she looked so healthy and happy. When i took her to the vet on Saturday morning i expected to be told nothing more than she had a virus or similar, instead we were given the news that she had extensive liver cancer and internal bleeding, there was only one kind thing to do and that was to let her go said the vet. My wife and I decided not to go back to the vets as we thought it would stress Amber with both of us crying so the vet did it without us being present. I told Amber whilst in the vet that morning that everything would be ok and we would be back soon to collect her I remember kissing her on the head and leaving her thinking all would be ok but Amber looked at me directly in the eyes that morning, something she never did before. Was she trying to tell me something, will she forgive me for not returning to say our last goodbye? I’m 56 yrs old but have cried like a 10yr old since she passed something I have never done before following previous dogs passing but I still can’t get over her passing. Various things, people and places bringing memories flooding back which makes me tearful again. My wife seems t have handled things better than me and suggested a rescue dog to fill the void in our lives and make our house a home again so on Monday the 28th of November we adopted a 17 month old black and tan German Shepherd dog called Callie, she is totally different coloring to Amber, something we decided would be better than trying to replace Amber, something we could never do. I’d like to now if she is alright now, if she has joined our previous German Shepherds at the foot of rainbow bridge awaiting my passing. I should also say I believe I have had three signs from Amber, exactly one week after her passing her unmistakable smell, a few weeks ago my car radio kept re tuning itself from one channel to the other and finally a woman was throwing a ball for her dog which i watched for a few minutes then the dog collected the ball again and instead of running back to its owner diverted to me and dropped the ball at my feet, just like Amber used to do – could you ask Amber if these were signs from her, signs to let me know all is ok and that she is till around I hope.

    • Dawn
      Dawn says:

      Hi Steve, after reading your post I felt compelled to reach out. I am so sorry for the feelings of loss and pain you are experiencing right now. Please know that there is nothing to forgive. When Amber looked at you that morning it was with a knowing of what was going to happen, and the way it transpired was exactly as it was meant to. She is still with you and the signs she’s sending are to let you know that she is okay, trust your instincts. Every animal that shares our life is different and the bonds we have with each will differ as will the grief we feel when they leave. Allow yourself to grieve, give yourself time and be gentle with yourself. In time the memories will make you smile again. Wishing you peace and comfort. Dawn

    • Jeannie Connor
      Jeannie Connor says:

      Hi Steve, I also felt compelled to write you. Amber knows how much you loved her. My strongest feeling is that she wants you to be happy and continue your life.. “Go and throw the ball for someone else, Daddy.” Your love for her was so strong that it didn’t just touch you, it touched everyone around you. That’s the sort of love that changes the world. Thank you for your love and sharing your story.


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