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More than fifteen years ago, I had a recurring dream where I was standing in front of a group of hundreds of students, teaching them about animals.  The Danielle MacKinnon School of Animal Communication is the fulfillment of that dream!

As a little kid, when asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I consistently said I wanted to be a writer and a veterinarian. I excelled at writing and I love animals and wanted to do whatever I could to help them. Now, with my school, I’m able to live out my dream – in my very own way!

I created this school because I found that a lot of people were mystified by animal communication. There are many out there who believe it’s a real “thing” but who also believe it’s only for the special or the gifted. Well, I don’t believe this at all! I’ve found that anyone can learn to communicate with animals deeply and soulfully, they just need to learn how.

I’ve also found that when a person starts connecting in this beautiful way with animals – it changes the person for the better. My students start to look at the world differently, finding the places where they can make changes in the environment or within themselves. My students also deepen their relationship with their own animals as well as with others AND they find themselves growing and shifting in ways they had never thought possible before.

A few things to know:

  • Experience has proven to me that ANYONE can learn animal communication!
  • Animals communicate intuitively every day – so learning this skill is really just tapping into what is already happening all around us.
  • If you can laugh at yourself, animal communication is even easier to master.

I could make myself sound special and say that I’ve been intuitive all of my life (which is true) – but being intuitive is not actually special. EVERYONE is  intuitive already, it’s just a matter of learning how to tap into it, trust it, and harness it – and that’s really the purpose of this school!


I know it may sound like I’m blowing this whole school and animal communication thing out of proportion – but I’m really not. The proof is in the pudding! Just check out what past students are saying here for starters. When you hone your intuition through your love of animals, the affect on your life is bigger and more all encompassing that so many people realize!

And this isn’t because I’m some awesomely talented teacher (although, I do feel that I’m a pretty darn good teacher!). It’s because the love of animals has a power so strong, it changes us from the inside out as soon as we start to tap into it.

My school is not just about learning a new skill (animal communication), or helping you start your new business, or growing your relationship with your pets, it’s also about fun, learning to see yourself and your world from a new perspective, getting over your fears, changing your negative beliefs about yourself, and becoming aware of who you are and how you’re placing yourself in the world.

And yes, all of this starts with your experience with the animals!

Danielle’s dream is to help the world understand the true nature of animals, which is to assist humans in evolving our souls and being the best humans we can possibly be. Over the years, the animals have repeatedly proven to Danielle how they have mastered unconditional love and are working to help humankind do the same.

{ Prrrrrraise from the Field }

Danielle is a phenomenal teacher and coach who loves to empower her clients. I highly recommend her classes and coaching sessions. She has an amazing ability to identify and help with what you need to work on to reach your goals. Thank you , Danielle!

— Laura Wooster
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