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     Start Date:

     September 14, 2018

Level 2 Soul Level Animal CommunicationTM Night School


Take your animal connections to the next level


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About Night School

Learn with others just like you!

What’s so darn awesome about Night School?

  • Learn from the comfort of your own home
  • Learn with a group of like-minded others
  • Get more support through two live webinars with Danielle
  • A brand new lesson is released to your inbox each week!
  • Find help and assistance through the private community taking YOUR class
  • Pause, rewind, fast-forward – it’s up to you!
  • Access to personalized Dashboard containing all coursework, homework, videos and more!
  • Information, support, assistance, and guidance like never before!


In Level 2 SLAC Night School, you get the benefit of being able to learn from home in your PJ’s combined with the incredible support of a community of others taking the class with you from THEIR home. Plus, with two live Q&A webinars with me and 24/7 access to the private community, you’ll be totally connected in!

In Level 2 SLAC Night School, you’ll learn how to:

  • Incorporate Helper Animals into your communications
  • Learn to work with challenging animals (shy, fearful, etc.)
  • Gain more trust (and the accompanying accuracy) in the intuitive information you receive
  • Determine Soul-Level truth from Animal Smoke-Blowing
  • Work on in-the-moment communications
  • Get deeper into Animal lessons and Soul Contracts so you can assist the animal AND the human
  • Learn how to work with behavioral problems in animals
  • “Negotiate” with an animal
  • Incorporate the animal’s human into the connection (and oh that’s a doozy!)
  • And more!

This Level 2 program is as much about YOU personally as it is about the animals you connect with. People who take their animal communication skills to this level not only experience a higher level of work and connection with the animals they’re working with, but they also experience a positive shift deep within themselves.

{ Here’s the breakdown: }

Week 1: Helper Animals

When you’re working at the higher levels with animals, sometimes you need to be able to pull in a little assistance. In this class you’ll learn about helper animals and how they work with you for the greatest good of both you and the animal. You’ll also see how fun helper animals can be!

Week 2: Personality/Animal Smoke-Blowing

I’ll help you understand the nuances in an animal’s intuitive responses and how to handle those nuances by developing a deep understanding of exactly who this animal is. You’ll also learn the best ways to work with an animal that is smoke-blowing with my in-class discovery tool to learn what animal smoke-blowing is all about!

Week 3: Integrating the Reading With the Human

In order to work at the deepest level as an animal intuitive, you have to bring the animal’s human into the reading. In this lesson, I’ll show you the exact steps to do that in the most effective and enjoyable way for all involved. I’ll lead you through a human/animal connection so that you can try it out on the fly! This is a technique you’ll be using throughout the rest of your animal intuitive career (whether it’s to work with your neighbor’s dog or it’s because you want to become a professional!).

Week 3: Live Q&A Webinar

In this webinar, we’ll review the first three lessons and go over any questions, challenges, and successes you’ve been experiencing. I’ll also help you hone your energy management skills as well as take questions. This live component is not to be missed if you’re looking for more support as you open. All webinars are scheduled beforehand so that you can manage your calendar with ease!

Week 4: Interpretation and Symbolism

It’s time to learn your language! As your animal intuitive skills grow, so does the personalized language the animals will tap into in order to give you their messages. Here, I’ll teach you how to become aware of this very special language so that you can start developing your own thesaurus and move from simply stating what you receive from the animal into a place of understanding through translation!

Week 5: Negotiation and Problem Solving

Many people have challenges with the animals they love and they’ll want YOU to help them fix the problems. In this lesson, you’ll learn exactly what “fixing” a problem in the animal intuitive world means – AND you’ll learn how to do it. And you know what? It doesn’t work the way you probably think it does!

Week 6: Multiple Animals

Wouldn’t it be cool to be able to work with both of your neighbor’s dogs at the same time to find an answer? In this lesson, I’ll show you how to organize your energy and your intuition so you can most effectively manage working with more than one animal at a time. Once you master the technique, you’ll be able to connect with a handful at once – with no problem!

Week 6: Live Q&A Webinar

We’ll close out the course with a final live Q&A webinar. Here, you can ask any and all questions of course! I’ve also seen that a lot of people have successes they want to share in this webinar as well, so we’ll be doing that too. It’s a wonderful way to finish the class before moving on to your next challenge (which could be Level 3!). All webinars are scheduled beforehand so you have plenty of time to manage them in your calendar!

{ The focus is on support }

In Level 2 SLAC Night School you’ll get the support, information, guidance, and assistance you need to make your animal communication journey as enjoyable as possible! Check out the comparison between these two Level 2 courses to select the one that best meets your needs!

Level 2 SLAC Home Study

  • Six pre-recorded video lessons
  • Take for fun or for full DMSAC Level 2 credit
  • Class starts as soon as you purchase it so you can work at your own pace
  • The entire course is accessible through your personal dashboard

Level 2 SLAC Night School

  • Six pre-recorded video lessons
  • Take for fun or for full DMSAC Level 2 credit
  • Specific start dates throughout the year so the class can work at the same pace
  • Two live Q&A webinars with Danielle and the group to get you the answers you’re looking for available through your computer, smartphone, or regular phone
  • Private Facebook group and community throughout the six weeks
  • Additional support from Danielle’s Certified Practitioners
  • The entire course is accessible through your personal dashboard including recordings of the two live Q&A webinars

 {  Are you ready…  }

Videos to your inbox every Friday: Sept 14-Oct 23
Live webinars: Oct 2 & Oct 23 at 7pm ET

5-Day Money-Back Guarantee From the Day the First Video Course is Received.

Are you ready to take the next step and begin a 6-week journey that will forever transform your life?

Are you ready to have deeper, more meaningful conversations and open a channel of communication with ALL the animals in your life?


Tuition options:
One Time Payment: $597   or   Two Payments of $347

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I want these courses to be an experience that is aligned with you and your goals. I stand behind my courses, and because of that, I offer a money-back guarantee within 5 days of the first lesson if you are not inclined to continue. Just email me to let me know!