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Energy Management Supercharge

Oh yes! This is it! I’ve been talking about putting a class like this together for my $17 series, and I finally did it! In this class I want to help you understand the incredible, life-changing opportunity that energy management gives you. I’m going to show you how to figure out your personal signs that your energy needs to be managed and then I’m going to teach you some tried and true and some absolutely brand new techniques so you can start managing your energy right there during class!

Animals and the Other Side 2

This is the follow up class to my Animals & the Other Side class – where YOU direct the class! I’ll be answering your questions and doing readings so that you can get all the info you’re looking for! In this $17 class, I’ll help you understand dying – from the animal’s perspective. And it’s probably not what you think!

Animals and the Other Side

Wonder if your dog will come visit you after she’s passed? Looking for messages from your cat on the Other Side? Worried your horse will be lonely in heaven? Feeling sad and guilty over the passing of a beloved pet? In this $17 class, I’ll help you understand dying – from the animal’s perspective. And it’s probably not what you think!

Animal Communication: Live stream webinars versus NEW On Demand Video Course

OK, so I’m being asked all about the differences between my Soul Level Animal CommunicationTMTM Program and my Soul Level Animal CommunicationTMTM On Demand Video Course so I thought, what better way to explain it than a post right here! First, I’ve been teaching my 12-week live stream webinar Soul Level Animal CommunicationTMTM Program for almost […]

Costa Rica and the Toucan Rescue Ranch

Well, I’m back from my Animal Connections trip with a group of twelve wonderful women (and two pretty hilarious guides) in Costa Rica and I already want to go back! What an adventure! One of the first places we visited as we traveled around the country meeting with various rescue organizations, wild animals, and others, […]

My Dolphin Phobia

This year’s Bimini trip is fast approaching and I’m overwhelmingly excited to return to this magical island to play again with those magical dolphins! Last year, my experience was incredible because through the dolphins, I was able to overcome a fear I’ve suffered from for the past fifteen years: Open Water.  (Are you laughing like […]

How I Overcame Self-Doubt (This Time)

Recently, I found myself in a several day period of self-doubt. It was starting to overtake my life. When I’m in a “down” place, I take my “down-ness” all the way. I don’t manage my energy, I don’t eat well, I don’t exercise, I don’t sleep well, and I’m certainly not the nicest person to […]

Muscle Man Dog versus I Love You Dog

Yesterday was the coolest day. I’ve been doing this animal communication stuff for YEARS and it still blows me away all the time and the animals are STILL teaching me every day (even when I think I’m the one doing the teaching!) Yesterday, I held one of my Animal Communication Labs. This is a video […]

What’s coming for animals in 2016

It’s 2016 and, as you probably know, I may be psychic, but I don’t make predictions. It’s just not my thing. I prefer the idea that my behavior, my thoughts, my actions, and my energy have the greatest influence over my future..
HOWEVER, I do feel some things about this coming year very strongly. These aren’t predictions – more… I would call them directions that I see things moving into. I thought I would share them with you – and I’d love to know if you’re feeling the same!

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I am not special. This is not a gift.

For years, people have asked me questions like, “When did you know you had a gift?” The thing is, I don’t view being able to do Animal Communication as a gift – it’s something that everyone can do! You just need the instruction, motivation, and desire!

Are there really bad animals?

What do you immediately think after reading this headline from a recent article on Mashable? “Five hungry sharks eat whale carcass in terrifying footage. It’s a shark feeding frenzy. This is the stuff of nightmares.” Do you start feeling threatened by sharks, worried that their nasty nature is to hunt you down and eat you […]

The number one thing for better communication with your pet

Danielle outlines the number one, super easy thing you can do right now to foster a closer relationship with your pet and have been communication as well. And you don’t have to be psychic to do it!

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How to deal with Animal Abuse on Social Media

For sensitive people, social media can be quite a challenge with all the negativity and ranting that tends to go on. And for people who are opening their intuitive senses via animals  – even more so. Learn how Danielle handles social media and negativity.

A super easy way to get the message through to your pet

As an animal intuitive, I work with people who are concerned about their pet’s health or who are anxious to find out why their acting the way they are acting. I love working with animals and their humans intuitively, because it allows me to do a type of problem solving that produces an almost immediate […]

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Why is my pet behaving differently?

Have you ever wondered why your pet changes her behavior? Often, it’s not simple moodiness – but something much more cool! Listen in as Danielle explains what behavior changes could really be.

My Stubborn Dog Tuukka

The fall my family rescued a beautiful dog named Tuukka is a fall I wasn’t planning on. Our friend posted that the dog she had just rescued was not well-liked by the older dog in the home. Next to the post was a picture of a very long (like VERY long) white dog with two […]

Who will meet my pet when she crosses to the Other Side?

Danielle is frequently asked about animals and the Other Side. Most often, people are concerned about what happens on the Other Side. Learn what the animals have told Danielle about crossing over (and if you want more info, check out her audio Animals and the Other Side).