Animals and the Other Side 2

My newest live webinar class Animals & the Other Side 2 is happening January 19th at 2pm Eastern and I couldn’t be more excited about it!

Last October I taught the first installment of this class, lecture style. But there were so many questions and so many things that I didn’t get to, I knew I had to do another class!

So, for Animals & the Other Side 2, I’m doing it differently. I want to get to more of your questions – so when you sign up, you’ll have the opportunity to submit any and all questions to my office. I’ll pour through, find the questions that everyone can benefit from and answer them live. I’ll also take some live questions and do some readings too.

But what is this class that I’m talking about anyway?

It’s basically my opportunity to share with you what the animals have taught me in my sixteen years as an animal communicator about the Other Side.

I’ll share information that answers your questions – which I am assuming will be questions such as, “What’s it like over there?” and “Why did my dog die when she did?”

Please join me for this very special live class – and yes, of course I’ll record it all so you can watch later too!

Learn more here.


Animals and the Other Side

My class Animals and the Other Side takes place this October 27th at 2pm Eastern and I’m really excited about it.

It may seem weird that I’m all happy to teach about animals that have crossed over, but because of WHAT I have to share, I AM happy.

Talking about animals that have crossed over or are about to cross over does not have to be sad – that is, if you listen to what the animals have to say about it! And I’ve spent more than 16 years listening!

In this class, I’ll be sharing what the animals have told me again and again about their deaths, what it’s like “over there,” what they do with themselves nowaways, whether or not they are afraid to die or if they miss their human and animal friends that haven’t yet crossed over.

I LOVE teaching this stuff because I’ve seen it help so many people who are in such deep grief! It doesn’t take away the grief, as nothing can really do that, but it does ease the pain a little bit when you hear how animals look at their passing.

Join me for this livestream webinar class!


Animal Communication: Live stream webinars versus NEW On Demand Video Course

OK, so I’m being asked all about the differences between my Soul Level Animal CommunicationTM Program and my Soul Level Animal CommunicationTM On Demand Video Course so I thought, what better way to explain it than a post right here!

First, I’ve been teaching my 12-week live stream webinar Soul Level Animal CommunicationTM Program for almost two years now and I’m loving it – and the people who are taking the class are loving it too! The feedback on the class has been great – and I make adjustments after each class to make the next one even better!


What does “Live stream webinar” even mean? Well, for me it means that one day every other week for twelve weeks I have to get dressed and put on makeup as this is a live class broadcast over the internet (or on your smartphone) so I like to look my best. (No one wants to see me with bedhead and makeup under my eyes!)

To YOU it means, I teach you the class lesson for the day, live, you get to ask me questions real time, we do work real-time, and we all have a great time together learning how to communicate at the soul level with animals – with a great group of people (your classmates) who are working toward the same thing as you!

Plus, we have an awesome Facebook group where everyone posts questions, challenges, successes and where I’m there to help out too.

But what’s the difference between this and the brand new
Soul Level Animal CommunicationTM On Demand Video Course?

Well, first of all, unlike the live stream webinar program, the on demand video course is only six weeks long – that’s half the time!

Yup, that’s right – a link to the newest lesson is sent straight to your inbox once a week. You simply log in to your dashboard and BAM! Right there, at whatever time you like, you can take the next class. (And don’t you just love the elephant on the cover?)

Danielle-Mackinnon_CD_Covers_graphic_NEW_v2This is a great option for people who may not be able to meet at 2pm Eastern on a weekday (as this is when the live stream webinar program meets) – plus since it’s pre-recorded, you can begin the class at any time rather than waiting for the official start date as you would need to with the live stream webinar program.

The On Demand program is also great for people who are just dipping their toe in the water and may feel afraid of letting others know what they’re doing. That’s because no one has to know! It’s between you and your inbox (and me).

Last, the On Demand program is pre-recorded, so the cost is significantly less than working live with me in the live stream webinars. I wanted to put out to the world an option that was more cost-effective to open doors to more people learning this super cool art!

Both programs (Live stream webinars and pre-recorded On Demand Videos) teach you my unique way of communicating with animals intuitively through the Soul Level (no one else offers this!). In the end, it’s really all about what works best for you!

Please let us know if you have any questions by emailing us right away!

And wait! Here are testimonials from people who’ve already taken the 12-week program!



I’ve totally enjoyed Danielle’s Soul Level Animal CommunicationTM Classes. She is an extremely positive, fun, and lighthearted teacher. She takes all that is scary about learning a new skill and transforms it into FUN! I find myself laughing and learning – not only from Danielle, but from the other students (and even from the animals!). The students pair up into homework buddies — I’m learning a lot through that, as well as making friends with people who share the same values as me. My confidence is slowly growing (thanks in part to Danielle’s easy and accepting teaching style), and I’m beginning to actually read and understand what the animals are telling me! I’m excited for more! ~ Janine Oates

This class was awesome. If you have an interest in animal communication and want an opportunity to explore in a fun and supportive environment this is the class for you.~Ginger Hendry

This was a great online class. I loved that the lessons were recorded so I could return to watch a part or the entire lesson again. In this class, I not only learned important and meaningful skills but also built confidence and had a lot of fun. There was no sense of distance with this online class. Danielle’s joyful personality came through easily, and I felt engaged the whole time. ~Linda Saraco

My love for animals has been a staple in my life from a very early age…this class just seemed like the right, next step for me, or anyone who really wants to explore and become closer to those creatures from the animal kingdom…a wonderful and amazing journey with Danielle as your guide! ~Belinda Hill

It is absolutely amazing when you are communicating with an animal to hear what is coming thru. Some details are so different then what you might “think up”, you know they are coming from the animal. Danielles’
teaching style is entertaining,encouraging, easy & keeps it all in perspective! ~Liz Sandin

Danielle MacKinnon’s School of Animal Communication is not just about learning a skill and practicing it professionally. It is about witnessing, feeling, and touching the unconditional love of animals toward people. Being able to connect with an animal at the soul level through Danielle’s technique is such a gift. Thank you Danielle for your commitment to people and animals. ~Charlotte Safos

Danielle is truly an Exceptional teacher. My experiences in her SLAC class far surpassed my expectations. Not only have my animal communication skills improved dramatically, but other aspects of my life have had very positive, unexpected, turns. I cannot say enough of this wonderful learning experience with Danielle! ~Marcy Welch

Muscle Man Dog versus I Love You Dog

Yesterday was the coolest day. I’ve been doing this animal communication stuff for YEARS and it still blows me away all the time and the animals are STILL teaching me every day (even when I think I’m the one doing the teaching!)

Yesterday, I held one of my Animal Communication Labs. This is a video class with my students and non-students in which, with the help of my students, I intuitively three different randomly chosen animals and their humans.

And it was just so cool!

I never know who will be chosen to receive a reading or which student will be helping me until we start. Who will it be? Who will be reading with me? How will it all go?

But as soon as we started call, I began feeling really excited and I knew something cool was up!

I chose one of my Animal Communication Certification candidates to read with me the first time. I know my students get freaked out at the thought of reading in front of thirty, forty, fifty people so it felt like I should go with someone who had been communicating for a little bit.

Oh and she nailed it! Charlotte received the same information about Zeus that I received – but it was all through her own Charlotte filter (versus my Danielle filter.)

“Zeus is telling me he’s strong and ready and he can handle anything! He loves you very much and wants to be with you throughout your transition.” Zeus’s human received Charlotte’s loving message.

When I heard her message, I actually guffawed. Outloud. On the livestream video.

“I see him standing in front of me making muscles, like he’s a muscle man on a beach. He’s posing this way and that and he’s showing me his strength!” So, I got the same message, but very much through my Danielle filter (which, seems to be a pretty goofy filter!).

Uh oh! It seemed like one of us was WRONG.

But that was not the case at all! It’s always amazed me how the same information can be received intuitively so differently! Charlotte and I both had the same message – that Zeus’ human shouldn’t be worried about whether or not he could handle the changes in her life, because he CAN – but that information came through in ways that suited our own personalities and styles.

This is why I never worry when I receive intuitive information that is different from what someone else gets – we’re all SO on our own journey, we all SO perceive the world through our own filers, and we all SO have our own lessons to learn.

Thank you Charlotte, Zeus, Zeus’ human and to everyone else who attended for reminding me how wonderful and unique we all are – and how this is exactly how we’re supposed to be. In the end, we’re really all working toward the same thing – unconditional love of ourselves and of everyone and everything around us!