Certified Soul Level Animal CommunicationTM Practitioners

Being a Professional: The Certified Soul Level Animal CommunicationTM Practitioner Path  

Certified Soul Level Animal CommunicationTM Professional Practitioners (CPPs) maintain their certification through the CPP Path in the Danielle MacKinnon School.  

The CPP Path is for committed, DMS certified professionals who, each in their own way, are serious about becoming leaders in the worldwide animal communication world.

The Certified SLAC Practitioner Path

As a CPP building your business, you receive support from DMS, Danielle and your community of peers. Here is a list of the benefits you receive by maintaining your CPP Certification:

  • Increased Visibility

    CPPs are featured on the Practitioner Page of DMS.  This is a marketing page, where potential clients can find you.  Your listing includes your headshot, professional name, title, website, phone, and email.  It also includes a short description of your services, a link to your most current blog post (provided by you), and links to your social media.

    In addition, you have an open invitation to attend other DMS events where you can meet the growing number of community members.  These include monthly labs and special mini-course webinars.

  • Ongoing Support

    Nowhere is support more important than at the professional level.  The CPP Mastermind group, limited to those on the CPP path, is your go-to place for support from Danielle and your professional peers.  Whether you’re stuck on an aspect of reading, looking for new marketing ideas, or simply want to connect with peers, this is your active, online community.

  • DMS Certified Seal

    You receive the official DMS seal for your website and all marketing materials, certifying your up-to-date training as a Certified Soul Level Animal Communicator.

  • Private webinar check-ins

    Because continuity and accountability are important in professional life, Danielle runs a quarterly webinar call for all CPPs.  As a Q&A-style session, it’s an opportunity to discuss your business challenges with an expert.

  • CPP Mastermind Group

    The monthly CPP Mastermind Group is a live-streamed webinar call where the CPP community comes together, without DMS staff.  Each month, the group is run by a different member, giving everyone the chance to step into the leadership role. During the meeting, every CPP member has the opportunity to share where they are in their business and professional development, reaching out for feedback and support. Each CPP member also gets to make a monthly “ask.”  Whether it’s design help on your website, editorial assistance on a blog post, or client referrals, this is a face-to-face place to build lasting and trusted professional bonds.

  • Mini-Courses

    Done in a Q & A format, Danielle hosts a quarterly 30-minute webinar for all CPPs. The mini-course covers a professional topic of community interest, submitted by the CPPs and is a chance to further your business education.

  • Be Open: Access to a like-minded community

    The Be Open community is an integral part being a successful CPP. Be Open is an opportunity for you to practice and refine your leadership skills, from commenting on practices and sharing your learning experiences to assisting with webinars. Be Open is also the perfect place to hone your professional brand, making new worldwide contacts.  Membership in Be Open is included in your CPP membership.

  • Featured Practitioner

    Each month, a new CPP is highlighted in the Be Open community and on the Practitioner page of the DMS website.  This is a both a learning and marketing opportunity – a platform where you can demonstrate your skills to the larger animal communication community, as well as make new contacts to grow your business.

  • Teaching Assistant Opportunities

    At DMS, CPPs are given the opportunity to assist Danielle in her Level 1 and Level 2 Night School classes. This is your chance to continue building your business, presenting yourself as an expert while also receiving experience as a teaching assistant.

  • Personalized Control Center

    This is your personal dashboard where dates, events, recordings, guidelines and other important information is stored and updated for you in real time.

  • Personal Coaching

    As a world-renowned Soul Level Coach, Danielle has restructured her business to focus on her students.  She is available now to students and CPPs only for monthly private coaching. Priority in scheduling is given to CPPs.  

Certification Maintenance Expectations

To maintain your certification status as a CPP with the Danielle MacKinnon School and to have access to the benefits described above, we’ve created these easy-to-reference guidelines. We want you to feel comfortable as a CPP, knowing exactly what is expected of you and your peers.

You will be notified via email if you are not meeting these requirements and you will have a four-week period in which to make changes.

We also understand that life happens. If you have special circumstances, these should be communicated as early as possible to school@daniellemackinnon.com.

CPP Responsibilities

To upkeep certification (a brief overview):

  • Be actively taking clients.
  • Respond in a timely manner to all reading requests.
  • Maintain a working website that meets all DMS requirements
  • Actively engage, support, assist, and guide the Be Open community.
  • Write/send one form of engagement (blog/newsletter) or have an active presence on at least one form of social media.
  • Build and maintain a database of clients and subscribers
  • Be signed up for the $50/month Practitioner membership. (Beta CPPs maintain their membership rate until January 1, 2019.)

CPP Good Citizenship

As a CPP good citizen you are expected to:

  • Be on-time to all events, meetings, and other activities.
  • Arrive fully prepared for all events, meetings, and other activities
  • Act as a professional
  • Be ready to take a leadership role.
  • Present issues in a timely, professional manner
  • Respect the personal boundaries of all individuals, both students and teachers at DMS.
  • Uphold the zero-tolerance for bullying or other types of communication that are damaging to the reputation of others, to the work in of the animal communication community, to Danielle MacKinnon, or the Danielle MacKinnon School.

    The Newcomer Trial Period

    All new CPPs enter into a 6-month Trial Period.  During this time, as a gift toward business start-up, the standard $50 monthly Practitioner fee is waived.

    During the 6-month Trial Period, you are expected to demonstrate your ability to fulfill all CPP requirements and responsibilities as listed above.  Following the Trial Period, all CPPs meeting the requirements will become full-fledged CPPs, and those interested may apply to the Master CPP track. For more information, on the Master CPP program, please visit the Danielle MacKinnon School website.

    Trial CPPs who do not meet the CPP requirements during the Trial Period will be released from the CPP program.

      CPPs Unite!

      The most successful CPPs are those who step up and take advantage of the richness of the CPP program.  This has been proven again and again by all the CPPs who’ve come before you.

      There’s so much you can do!

      We invite you to jump in with both feet. Get involved, share your wisdom, and be an active member of the quickly growing animal communication community.  You involvement and leadership will help you build the successful business of your dreams.

      *This is a brief overview of the CPP terms and conditions. The exact terms and conditions are provided, in detail, in the Level 4 Soul Level Animal CommunicationTM Certification course.