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Start Date:

Oct 31st, 2018

Level 3



I’m teaching this class because I absolutely love animal communication and I want you to love it, too. It’s hard to love something when your confidence is shaky, so it’s in the ESLAC that I’ll help you gain the footing you’re looking for so you can feel prepared and ready to handle any situation people or animals throw at you. This is fun work! But it’s more fun when the fun is about how you’re helping people and animals, rather than just proving to yourself that you’re psychic. Here, I’m going to do everything in my power to bring you right to the beautiful place of, “Ah…. I’ve got this!”



For those who LOVE animal communication

  • Are you ready to develop your confidence?
  • Do you want to feel comfortable acting on the information you receive from animals?
  • Are you looking to take on MORE with the animals you’re connecting to?

This is YOUR moment. Seize it!

The Danielle MacKinnon School of Animal Communication is the world’s only school where people from around the world can gather to learn the extra-ordinary (and yet, very ordinary) art of communicating intuitively with animals. It teaches you how to use your own intuitive abilities, coupled with the innate skills of the animal, to work at a level deeper than most people ever get to experience in their lifetime.

Learn how to give readings like the EXPERT you are

Manage Sessions Like a Pro There’s almost nothing more challenging than a session that’s gone out of control. Over time? Challenges with boundaries? Forgot to answer your client’s question? Stumped when the client said, “No, that’s not right!”

One of the things that has allowed me to become as good at my job as I am is not only my ability to manage my readings, but also my ability to teach this skill to my students.

  • Learn my personal tricks for keeping a session on time
  • Learn how to work with clients who seem to think they know everything
  • Find out (and practice!) working with people who want you to have all the answers – in just 20 minutes!
  • Become an expert at bringing you, your client, and the animal through each session with love and sincerity – all while keep your the reading perfectly on track
Seize your moment

Learning how to best honor yourself, while also honoring the needs to those you work with is a delicate form of art.

{ Imagine... }

Run a session true to yourself, while still honoring the needs of those you are reading. This program will help you do that.

Leaving the world of, “I got an intuitive hit that was right!” to slide into the world of, “Here’s how this information can help you and your animal.” It’s the subtle shift that moves readings from nice and good to exceptional and life-altering. Learning to connect with an animal and their human in this way is what every animal communicator has been looking for, as it beautifully brings the elements of grace and ease into every reading.

  • Six 90-minute Livestream webinars with me and the class (Additional webinar classes may be added as needed)
  • Access to my lively private group forum where my Teaching Assistants and I devote time each week to answering your questions
  • Coursework specifically designed to build your confidence
  • Downloadable copies of any notes or handouts
  • Group and paired homework and plenty of play!
  • The opportunity to meet, bond, and grow with your small group of like-minded others who are working toward the same goal as you!
  • Group mentoring with me as your mentor
  • Two dedicated Teaching Assistants to support you and help you grow
  • *The in depth Feedback Call with personal feedback from one of my dedicated Teaching Assistants
  • *The Certification Test Call with personal feedback from me
  • Additional Teaching Assistant led check in calls as determined by me
  • Open access to all Animal Communication labs that take place during your class
  • Prerequisite fulfillment for Level 4
  • Participating in the feedback calls depends on your personal goals!

*Note: These are only available to those people who sign up for the Certification Path course (see below)

There are two paths in this class. The first path is the Beginner Path is for those who purely want to hone their animal communication skills and enjoy the delights of being an animal communicator. Enthusiasts simply forgo the Certification calls, but receive all of the same teachings as the budding professionals!

The second path offered in this class is the Certification Path. For those who are looking toward creating a business in Animal Communication, Level 3 is offered with the added benefit of the Feedback and Certification calls. These calls are a great way to get personalized feedback on your readings. They’re your moment to hone and shine and the passing of the Certification call is the prerequisite needed to potentially move into Level 4: Soul Level Animal CommunicationTM Certification.

{ Are you ready… }

October 31, Nov 14 & 28, Dec 12, Jan 2 & 16, Feb 13
2-3:30pm ET

CPP Level 3 Path Option includes:
TA led Feedback calls: Dec 3-Dec 7 / Dec 10-14
Certification calls with Danielle: Jan 28-Jan 31 / Feb 4-7

10-Day Money-Back Guarantee From the First Day of Class

Option 1: Beginner Path: Choose this option if you want to continue to boost your animal communications skills so you can read animals for friends and family.
Because this is such a personalized class, please note that class size is very limited.

Tuition options:
One Time Payment: $1997   or   Four Payments of $575

Option 2: Certification Path Choose this option if you plan to become certified as one of Danielle’s practitioners. This option includes both the Teaching Assistant Feedback call and the Certification call led by Danielle.

Tuition options:
One Time Payment: $2497   or   Four Payments of $687

Add/Drop Date & Refund Policy:

If you decide you would like to drop out of the class, we’re happy to refund you by the Add/Drop date, which is 10 days after the first livestream webinar. Just notify us via email within that timeframe.