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Master Soul Level Animal CommunicationTM Program

This class will take your animal communication to a whole new level. Rather than focusing on specific planned out lessons, we’ll address challenges, needs, questions, and desires as they come up. Not only will this class help you move your animal intuitive experience further, but it will also help you grow within.

Format: Livestream webinars
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Master Certified Professional Practitioner Program

This course was created for animal communicators looking to move toward becoming teachers and focuses on two aspects: becoming a proficient Master Teaching Assistant and mastering Soul Level Coaching. Both of these skills help you work more deeply with your clients and develop more confidence than ever before.

Format: Livestream webinars
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Soul Contract Certification with Animals Program

Join me and embark on a 16-week journey to overcome personal limitations by forging a stronger partnership with your pet and tapping into the true power of your Soul. Your pets want to lead you to a life overflowing with love, freedom, and happiness!

Format: Livestream webinars and private sessions
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Master Teacher Certification

This course completes the Master Teacher program. Get certified to teach Danielle’s unique brand of animal communication: Soul Level Animal Communication.
Format: Livestream webinars
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