{ Prrrrrraise from the Field }

Praise for Soul Level Animal CommunicationTM

This class was beyond what I had imagined it to be. Danielle has taught me so much more than how to connect with the animals, not only with my own, but with others & those in spirit. Her attention to details, exercises, & homework made my experience not only educational but, fun.  I have bonds with my classmates that will last a life time.  It is now second nature to me to connect with all the animals that cross my path, both earthly & beyond. I am amazed by my ability & ease of connecting to all God’s creatures & honored by their trust & love in me. I love living in a higher & loving vibration with the fur babies!

— Sarah Dennison Berkett

Danielle is a phenomenal teacher & mentor. Her 12 week Soul Level Animal Communication Class is truly a unique learning experience, in that you get to learn about yourself, interact with an amazing group of people, and stretch the boundaries of what you think is possible, right from the comforts of your own living room. Danielle blends just the right amount of live video instruction, interactive group exercises & homework to help you heighten your psychic awareness and develop your animal communication skills in a fun, supportive, convenient environment!

— Cristie Kephart

I have always found the possibility of Animal Communication fascinating. I had listened to some teachers and read some about it, but I was not convinced it was something I could do. I had been attentively following Danielle’s work, but I had not been able to attend her live Animal Communication classes. When I saw that she was offering her Soul Level Animal Communication class online, I just knew I had to take it! And I was not disappointed; the class was beyond all my expectations. Danielle guided us through the video lessons, in the Facebook group and with lots of fun homework, and sooner than I had thought it was possible, I was actually communicating with animals! It is an awesome experience and it really opens up so many possibilities. My life has been changed for the better after talking with several dogs, cats, horses, a cow, an elephant! To recognize their different personalities and their particular role in our lives is amazing. And it is definitely something I will continue to do. Danielle is a great teacher and even though the classes are taught in a group setting, she makes sure that everyone gets individual attention and suggestions. She also takes this work deeper than many other teachers, which is a very beautiful and particular part of this class. It was fascinating to see everyone connecting to their abilities and opening to this type of communication. If you have been wondering about Animal Communication, I strongly suggest you work with
Danielle. You will be favorably surprised at what you can do!

— Victoria Jiminez

If you are on the fence about taking Danielle’s Soul Level Animal Communication class, jump off and in now! Taking Beginner SLAC class was one of the best decisions I have made. Danielle is a gifted teacher, gentle facilitator, and lots of fun. Danielle’s focus on soul level communication is very unique and this skill is more than just animal communication, it is connection and healing. The class was a perfect mix of presentation, interaction, homework, and group exercises. Because of the perfect ratio of these activities, it was easy, fun, productive, challenging, and satisfying. I learned so much in this class and have authentic confidence in my ability. Danielle’s focus on soul level communication is very unique and this skill is more than just animal communication, it is connection and healing. I am currently enrolled in the Advanced SLAC class and am so grateful for Danielle and this offering. Thank you.

— Charlotte Safos

I had never taken an animal communication class before and was somewhat apprehensive. Danielle was so pleasant and supportive to work with! She really helped foster good working relationships between students. There was an element of trust and respect which helped me open up in ways I wasn’t aware of and I was pleasantly surprised with the results! The experience was quite validating for me. As much as I adore animals, I didn’t think I could communicate with them, and was completely floored when the opposite proved true! Danielle is very generous and kind, and I will definitely work with her again.

— JR Stephens

Danielle MacKinnon’s School of Animal Communication is not just about learning a skill and practicing it professionally. It is about witnessing, feeling, and touching the unconditional love of animals toward people. Being able to connect with an animal at the soul level through Danielle’s technique is such a gift. Thank you Danielle for your commitment to people and animals

— Charlotte Safos
Praise for Advanced Soul Level Animal CommunicationTM

If you are looking to expand your animal communication skills to the next level, this course is for you!  Danielle is an amazing teacher.  With her guidance, I learned to really trust my intuition, move far deeper into my animal communication skills than I thought possible and have a lot of fun along the way!  In addition, the skills you learn are not only relevant to animal communication but also applicable to daily life.  Thanks to Danielle’s energy management training, I am able to navigate the bumps and hurdles of my corporate job with a calmness, ease and certainty that did not exist prior to working with Danielle.  My life is forever changed for the better.  Danielle is the best!” Thank you, thank you, thank you, Danielle!! 🙂

— Melanie Reynolds

I decided to progress to the advanced animal communication course because I had gained significant personal benefits from the first course. My intuition had been sharpened with a consequent lift in personal confidence. The advanced course offered more group work with the other course participants, and this revealed an amazing cross-section of insightful and encouraging people. We still keep in touch to help solve animal situations which arise in our lives. Danielle progressively unfolds deeper communication techniques as the group uncovers greater confidence with the experience. It has been a great experience and I would recommend it to everyone.

— Chris Cummings
Praise for Soul Contract Certification with Animals Program

Participating in the SMCA course made such a positive impact on my life.  Self-care was area for me that was receiving little attention.  It was my cat, Squeak, who showed me how off-track I had gotten in both my personal and professional life.  You are likely wondering how a cat can provide that kind of insight and guidance!  She educated me by meowing her little head off at specific times while I was home.  Squeak’s deliberate meowing would alert me to the kind of energy/thoughts I was bringing into our home after a day at the office, when I spent too much time in the evenings focusing on my job and if I neglected my fitness plan in the mornings.  I began to recognize how much I was over-giving to others and how unbalanced my life had become.  Making the smallest changes to support my self-care (asking for help, not being superwoman and doing EVERYTHING myself, as examples) shifted the quality of my life and reduced Squeak’s need to be so vocal.  Squeak and I continue to work together on my animal soul contract of self-care, even after class ended. I am very grateful for this course and Danielle mentorship.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

— Melanie Reynolds

I experienced such a profound transformation in my life as a result of this course that it is difficult for mere words to do it justice. But I will do my best.   I began my SCMA journey holding a core belief that I somehow had to “prove” my worth in order to be loved — pleasing others, giving too much, caretaking. With Danielle’s loving and gentle guidance, I began to see my horse as my teacher, and through exploring my relationship with him I was able to shift my own beliefs about myself.  I now have come to know that I am worthy and lovable, and that loving and being with someone is enough. My horse, who was extremely nervous and spooky, has gained a confidence and ease that I didn’t think possible.  He is calm and definitely more grounded, especially when being ridden, it has been such a joy to watch him expand into such a comfortable state of being.

— Elizabeth Wallace

Working with my Greyhound ‘Kelly’, Danielle, and the rest of the class, I’ve been able to make significant changes in how I think about myself, which in turn has changed how people react to me! The biggest change has been that I no longer listen to the critical voice inside my head. I don’t pretend it was easy, but once I was willing to observe and really look at how I approach my life, the changes came naturally.

— Anne Quick