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I’ve created two different ways for you to get the information you’re looking for about animal communication. Whether you want to work with me in person through live webinars or you want to work on your own time, I’ve got something for you!

Enthusiast Path 1

Soul Level Animal CommunicationTM
Home Study

If you’re interested in learning animal communication, but perhaps you’re not interested in working with others – I’ve got you covered! I created my Home study course just for those people who may feel a little shy about this stuff and want to give it a try on their own first. Or maybe you have a crazy schedule so you can’t commit to doing the homeworks that the live webinar class requires? Well, have no fear – this class still has homeworks, but since it’s a home study you get to do those homeworks on your own timeline! Each week, for 6 weeks, this course is delivered right to your doorstep (or ok, your email in box actually!). Watch the class videos at your leisure, do the homework at your leisure. It’s all up to you! Enroll now.

Advanced Soul Level Animal CommunicationTMHome Study Course

If you like working at your own pace, taking breaks, and generally doing your own thing, the Advanced Home Study Course is perfect for you! I developed this course for people who may be too busy to participate in all of the partner homeworks required in the live webinar classes, for people who don’t feel quite ready to “come out” to the rest of the community as an animal communicator, and for people who generally just like to do their own thing. Whatever your reasons are, studying animal communication on your own is very rewarding and is a solid, very comprehensive direction to choose to learn this fun way of interacting with animals. Enroll here.

Enthusiast Path 2

Soul Level Animal CommunicationTM
Night School

This is my beginner level course and it’s designed to show you how to merge your innate intuition (even if you aren’t yet aware of it) with that of the animal to experience a depth of connection like never before! Through pre-recorded videos (just like in the Home Study), a live community with support from my Certified Practitioners, and two awesome live Q&A webinars, you’ll get all the support you need to  help you get through your fears and worries about animal communication so you can begin actually doing intuitive connection with animals! With the two live Q&A webinars, you’ll be able to ask questions of me right then and there! This is a great way to learn animal communication while also developing a wonderful community of like-minded people for support and success. Learn more here.

Advanced Soul Level Animal CommunicationTMNight School

In this 6-week video + live support program, I show you how to take your skills to the next level so you can communicate with animals with more confidence and with more tools in hand to handle more complicated situations. Level 2 Night School works just like level 1 Night School where you’ll get the six pre-recorded videos, the community chat, support from your class Teaching Assistants (my Certified Practitioners) AND two live Q&A video webinars with me. Woo hoo! (coming soon!)  Plus, you can mix and match any of these classes – meaning you could do Home study level 1 and move to Night School for level 2. Whatever suits your needs. All Night School classes have specific start dates to ensure the entire community moves at the same pace. Learn more here

Enthusiast Path 3

Be Open-Intuitive Practice & Global Community

Some animal communication enthusiasts aren’t up for taking a class – and that’s completely fine. We’ve got you covered whether you take a class or not. Perhaps you just want to hang out and grow with Danielle’s awesome community of like-minded people! In Be Open, you’re invited to play, practice, and meet like-minded people who want to expand their intuition, connect with animals intuitively, and more. Be Open is the first resource of it’s kind devoted to people just like you and it’s a great supplement to any learning you’re already doing – or it’s great on it’s own. No experience necessary!

Or, maybe you want to supplement Path 1 or 2 with more practice and more interaction from others. Many of Danielle’s students hook up with Be Open to further their growth and learning. Join the group and get playing immediately!

And don’t worry – if you decide you want to get serious about animal communication (perhaps you even want to get certified by me!), you can always move over to the Certification route in the future for more classes and more options (like Level 3 and Level 4 and more)!

AnimalMessages3DAudio Courses

For those of you who are on the go, my audio download classes may be the perfect fit. Just download onto your smartphone or tablet and listen away! I’m also adding to these classes all the time – so more to come!



Workshops and Retreats

Perhaps, in addition to doing my home study program in Animal Communication – you want to immerse yourself in the world of animals while also enjoying an exotic location? I offer weekend and week-long workshops delving into the art of animal communication – and I take annual trips to places like Bimini, Costa Rica where you can delve in and enjoy!