{ Soul Level Animal CommunicationTM Practitioners }

It takes dedication and hard work to become a Certified Soul Level Animal CommunicationTM practitioner. Danielle personally works with each practitioner to bring them through the certification process, so you can be sure that you can trust any one of the beautiful souls on this page to assist you with your animal needs.

Each practitioner has their own style, their own way of working, and their own specialty and has been thoroughly tested by Danielle to ensure that he or she can work effectively and lovingly at the Soul Level with you and your animal.

Professional Certified Soul Level Animal CommunicationTM Practitioners

Practitioners who have reached Level 4 have completed my Beginner, Advanced, and Certification courses. These practitioners have also worked deeply with the Animal Guru (Animal Soul Contracts) process with their own animals. Practitioners who have completed the Level 5 have additional advanced intuitive training.

The Certified Practitioners

Maria Stoner
Animal Communicator

Specialty: Animal Communicator, Reiki Master with specialized training in Animal Reiki

Maria helps you hear the messages from your animals to deepen your connection and help you live a full & healthy life together. She has extended training in the experience of working with you on the soul contract between you and your animal, as she completed the Soul-Contract Certification with Animals Program (SCC), in which she intensively worked on the soul contract she specifically has with one of her dogs. Maria can also connect to your animal’s body relaying the things they feel physically and emotionally. As a licensed professional counselor Maria is also able to use lessons from your animals in your therapy sessions, called a program she calls “Therapy assisted by your Animal”.


(717) 469-5202 or mariastonerac@gmail.com
Eastern Time Zone

Charlotte Safos
Animal Intuitive

Specialty: Animal Communication, Animal Reiki, and Angel Messengers

Charlotte offers intuitive sessions for both people and animals.  She provides a loving space where meaningful connections are supported.  She uses soul contract animal communication to help people understand pet behavior and open their human hearts to their pet’s guidance.  As a Reiki Master and Animal Reiki practitioner, she also offers healing for people and animals.


(866) 661-2258 or charlotte@charlottesafos.com
Eastern Time Zone

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Ginger Hendry
Animal Intuitive

Specialty: Animal Communication, Coaching, Reiki Practitioner

Whether your pet is with you today or has already passed, Ginger can help you connect to them and understand what lesson they have come to teach you. Listen to their wisdom, gain insight, and watch it change your life.


(978) 203-2833 or ginger@gingerhendry.com
Eastern Time Zone

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Phoebe Hoffman
Animal and Human Intuitive

Specialty: Animal Communication, Human Intuition, Plant Based Diet Guidance

Phoebe works intuitively with both humans and animals, peering deeply under the surface to reveal the inner workings and unique individualism of the souls she connects with, to gain an even more powerful understanding of the life force driving us.  Through this intuitive connection, Phoebe creates an open and comfortable space, culminating in a rewarding session for all involved.


(917) 810-9925 or info@phoebehoffman.com
Eastern Time Zone

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Janine Oates Almquist
Intuitive Animal Communicator and Human Coach

Specialty: Animal Communication Sessions and Human Intuitively Guided Coaching Sessions.

Janine offers intuitive sessions for both you and your animals. Janine has the gift of opening up authentic, loving, personal space where you can truly release your inhibitions. Together with Janine, you will discover where the Energy of your life is actually focused – what you are unconsciously working on. You will find that your animals are working with you on these big picture items! Animals offer excellent advice in loving and compassionate ways. Simply learning how your animals are helping you will open many doors for you! Your animals will help you live your best life and thrive!


(206) 573-4463 or info@janineoatesalmquist.com
Pacific Time Zone

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Jenny Jozwiak
Animal and Human Intuitive

Specialty: Animal Communication, Coaching, Reiki Master

Jenny offers intuitive sessions with both animals and humans. Her unique style creates a space for you to feel at ease, and supported, as she guides you through your challenges — both personally, and with your animal. Jenny’s goal is to help you live an inspired life that feels on purpose, either by working with you and your animal, or individually.


(989) 402 – 5473 or info@jenniferjozwiak.com
Eastern Time Zone

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Kathy Rumsey
Animal Intuitive

Specialty: Animal Communication, Coaching, Reiki Practitioner

Kathy offers intuitive guidance to help you better understand your animal and what lessons your animal is trying to teach you through their behavior and temperament. She provides practical and thoughtful guidance around these soul lessons, as well as approaches for you to improve your immediate relationship with your pet.


(401) 200-3399 or kathy@kathyrumsey.com
Eastern Time Zone

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Geri Karabin
Intuitive Animal Communicator

Specialty: Animal Communication, Shamanic Illumination & Lost Soul Retrieval, Law of Attraction Coaching

Geri offers intuitive energy work for humans and animals…both alive and already transitioned. To her, it all comes down to learning, growing, and healing. And she is passionate about helping the animals around you help you do just that. Geri is so excited when she is able to accurately deliver the messages these animals are trying to teach their humans…especially when those humans experience that ‘a-ha’ moment. She is compassionate in her reading style and always strives to serve both the humans and the animals to the best of her ability so both can move forward in amazing ways.


(910) 779 – 4999 or geri@gerikarabin.com
Eastern Time Zone

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Julie Ulrich
Intuitive Animal Communicator

Specialty: Animal Communication,
Reiki Master for People and Animals.

Julie loves to share the wonders of animal wisdom with her clients. Don’t be surprised if she exclaims, “That’s so cool!” when getting a message for you from your animal—for Julie, the true magic of this work is in seeing over and over again how our animals (here and crossed over) are the experts at helping us be our best selves. Julie looks forward to experiencing the magic with you, through an intuitive animal communication reading or energy work—wherever your heart leads you.


(347) 378-7202 or contact@julie-ulrich.com
Eastern Time Zone

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Keiko Watt

Soul Level Animal Communicator

Specialty: Soul Level Animal Communication, Reiki, Tarot and Oracle card reading. Speaks English and Japanese.

Keiko works at the Soul Level in her animal communication readings to help to create a connection between the human and animal (alive or passed on). Understanding this connection helps to deepen the relationship between human and animal and assists the human in learning the lessons their animal is teaching them.


(604) 867-6808 or info@keikowatt.com
Pacific Time Zone

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